The Joyful Voice with Simone LaDrumma

An Improvisational Vocal PLAYshop for parties, meetings, classes and gatherings of all kinds

THE JOYFUL VOICE is a spontaneous, in-the-moment, FUN way to LIBERATE YOUR VOICE…and your creativity, as well. Using a series of (occasionally nutty) exercises, you'll be given the framework and the permission to let your voice out of its cage!

PREREQUISITE: None! This is not about learning to be a "singer" or about having a "good voice." This is about the soul's yearning to sing with others.

Some of the exercises we'll do:

About Simone

I have facilitated these kinds of vocal workshops, in addition to or as part of my drumming workshops, for over 20 years. I don't like to memorize, so workshops based on spontaneity and improvisation free me from the nerve-wracking fear of having to remember things – or get things "right."

I has studied vocal improvisation with many fine teachers including Rhiannon and Christian Swenson.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think making music should be FUN and accessible to everyone!